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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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happened is we get social services in east baltimore after mother became upset and stabbed her eight-month-old visit during unsupervised visit. -- part eight-month-old baby during unsupervised visit. >> the fact that kenisha thomas even had the knife raised many questions about security at that facility. kai reed is live in east baltimore with a closer look at this sad story. >> the baby was stabbed five times in the head, neck, and chest. she is expected to survive, but workers describe a horrific scene that something could have been prevented. the police report describes a visit that went from relatively calm to absolutely terrifying. kenisha thomas went to the shuffle services office for a supervised visit with her eight- month-old daughter named pretty diamond. 25 minutes into the meeting, a
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worker said thomas complained about her daughter's care, pulled a kitchen knife out of her purse, and started stabbing the baby repeatedly. she said thomas made statements "i hope my baby is dead. lot me up. i cannot have her, nobody can." after iran, the director -- patrick moran says that state cuts to public service have lead to inadequate security at the office on middle street and many others. >> it has been a series of cuts over the last 10 years that is cutting the level of people doing the amount of work that needs to get done. when you reduce that, there are going to be lapses in security and oversight. >> the report does not detail the procedures followed, but
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moran says, should have gone through a per se search -- a per se search. >> there is a possibility -- a purse search. >> there are not enough people to cover every be due to cover every aspect of what needs to be furnished. >> the doomsday budget reduces state agency operating expenses by 8%. patrick moran predicts that will mean even more security cuts. we did not return call from the company that does security at the facility. thomas is charged with attempted murder and is being held without bail. >> with the doomsday budget looming, baltimore city officials may have to cut 92 positions from the city police department and lay off city prosecutors. the plan introduced by city officials would only go into effect if the budget cannot be repaired in special session, which is not yet been called by
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governor o'malley. >> we need more public-private partners. we are dealing with a new normal, which means we certainly cannot find everything we did when we were having a year of surplus. now we have to do things differently. instead of stating the obvious like we would like to have more money for other things, we have to figure how to get there. ecstasies budget director says he is confident the government -- the city budget director says he is confident the governor will call for that special session. >> the city in the developer have agreed to split the million dollar project that has been a hot topic since 2010, when the city wanted a more permanent promenade, prompting a lawsuit. the claim the city went back on the previous easement agreement. >> baltimore city police are trying to track down the gunman
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who walked into an essex barbershop and shot an employee. shelton dutes joins us live with the latest on this story. >> police are looking for two suspects believed to be connected to that shooting in the barber shop behind me. even though the victim is ok, people who live in this area say they are shaken up by what happened. police said 39-year-old man who work here was a victim of an afternoon shooting in front of the shop. >> this is really scary. families go in there to get their hair done. it is scary situation. >> two suspects walked into the barber shop and confronted a man who was working in the barber shop. and there were some kind of words exchanged and he was shot. >> the victim was rushed to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries and is expected to be ok. police have not release his name
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bought -- have not release his name, but local neighbors identified him as chris. loughner county police only have a vague description of the suspects and spent the afternoon canvassing the surrounding area, looking for the two men thought to be connected with the shooting. >> i never thought of them coming into this neighborhood. >> investigators are still trying to determine a motive of the shooter. residents like bill or remain hopeful in the meantime. >> hopefully it is just a random thing. you have to keep your guard up, but you could be next. >> no other injuries were reported as a result the that shooting, and some schools in the area were placed on alert. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a follow-up now to a story which first broke on
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city police detective suspended for the way he handled the search for his own missing daughter. the 16-year-old has since been found, but the investigation continues into his alleged misconduct and perhaps that of others. jayne miller has the story. >> this flyer called attention to the case of the daughter of daniel nicholson. she had been reported missing on friday. because of the circumstances, she had an argument with her dad, and her age, 15, she was considered a run away. when daniel nicholson is the baltimore city detective. he is now suspended for allegedly authorizing an unauthorized and intense attempt to track down his daughter. among the allegations, nicholson used his police powers to force his way into northeast baltimore apartment sunday night, believing that is where his daughter's boyfriend was paying.
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someone inside department filed a complaint of the assault. an incident report was written but it has been flat by internal affairs and was unavailable for public review. the flier itself is part of the investigation. it was done as a favor to dick wilson, we are told, and not as routine procedure. -- as a favor to nicholson. we have learned the use of the department's technology unit to track down the locations of the boyfriend cellphone. there may also have been issues of overtime. only daniel nichols and has been suspended, but investigators are looking at the actions of several other officers who helped nicholson in the authorized rate. the question, who in the chain of command may have signed off on what nicholson was doing? >> a surprise twist today in the trial of two neighborhood watch volunteers accused of beating a baltimore teenager.
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the alleged victim refused to testify. the now 16-year-old took the stand and was nearly inaudible. the judge had to repeatedly tell the victim to speak into the microphone. the victims grandfather, who defense attorneys believe tried to coach the victims, was thrown out of the courtroom. he was later allowed back in predicting ashley told the court room he wanted to drop the charges against avi and eli werdesheim. >> 21-year-old -- at 21 besharov was arrested just after midnight this morning. she was one of the suspect seen in the video that went viral after being posted online. police credit the video for helping by the people responsible for beating a baltimore city tourist this past march. three others are now in custody in connection with that assault. police are hoping to buy more arrests. the separation of church and state. this nation was founded on that principle, but sometimes is it
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necessary to mix the two? >> that has not been easy for one catholic seminarian. kate amara has this exclusive story tonight. >> the deacon is about to take the final step in a very long journey. from kenya, he has been studying at st. mary's seminary and he will be ordained a priest on june 9. >> through all the years, my family is there praying for me, looking forward to the day when i become a priest. >> it takes years, nearly a decade to get to this point. in layman's terms, it is kind of like your wedding day. you want your family there, but as it stands now, isaacs' family will not be able to attend the ceremony. his sisters were denied travel visas to come to the ordination. >> i was really, really sad
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about that. i cannot explain how sad it is that they will not be able to be with me during this occasion. >> josephine in mary still live in kenya. both of them have children, but isaacs said the reason given for denial was that the women do not have strong family ties. >> when i talk to my sisters, they said they were not asked that question. there were only asked one question, how much did they make per month? >> an appeal is in the work and u.s. senator ben cardin is helping to make their case. this is something you would think would be routine, but nothing is routine these days. >> a hearing is scheduled at the consulate in nairobi for may 2. senator karnak and deacon eisenger both say they are hopeful that his sister's will be here to watch their brother
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-- center cardin and deacon isaac. >> a picture you really have to see. this time is tommy lee. >> groans are used overseas in the war on terrorism and now they are starting to make their way into the u.s. skies. >> a new initiative for baltimore city public schools. they are going green. >> there is some rain on hd doppler and it is moving in this general direction. right now, it is still relatively mild in baltimore, 61
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>> he vowed to fight right up until the republican national convention in august, but supporters of newt gingrich said he will suspend his campaign next tuesday. it comes one day after mitt romney won all five primaries, including delaware, where gingrich held out hope for victory. the former house speaker said today that he now expects romney to be the gop nominee, and called on the parties to unite. technology used in the war on terror overseas could be headed here. unmanned drones act as so-called eyes in the sky, but as the
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technology improves, they are taking on new shapes, like a primary -- like a flying carriker being tested. officials said the relatively -- like a flying camera are being tested. they have been granting certificates of authorization for unmanned aerial vehicles. records show there was not much opposition this winter and congress quietly opened up u.s. airspace to aerial drones. >> a baltimore woman is $1 million richer tonight. it looks like the second time around was the charm for mary barnes. she hit the jackpot on the platinum drawing. what does she plan to do with the money? >> i will pay off my house, that kind of stuff. >> the platinum award top prize drawings have to take place more than 182 days after the last
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plane date for the original price. participants have to mail their scratch off ticket to lottery officials and are then notified the telephone or by mail. coming up, baltimore city schools are going green with recycling at all city schools. the system r was announced today and has already been implemented with great success. rob roblin has more on the initiative and what it means for students. >> it is official, all baltimore city schools are going green. this elementary and middle school has been doing a single string recycling for the past year. according to the school principal, it has been a big success. >> that learn math and science. the children are excited about being stewards of what goes on on the earth. they understand if they do not take care of it, there will be
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problems later. >> today in a press conference, the mayor and the ceo announced that the entire school system will be recycling. the program has already shown results. >> beginning on february 13 issue, city schools set out a 65,000 recycling bin initiative. listen to this. in the first two weeks, the department of public works collected 9 tons of recyclables from our schools. >> thanks to the efforts of the school system and the city, every student can do their part. because 100% of these schools are equipped to recycle, we can begin making baltimore a cleaner and more sustainable city. >> teaching kids a young age the importance of protecting our environment and how recycling can do that is all part of the recycling program in city
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schools. >> if we do not recycle and it rains, the trash will go down the gutter. >> i like recycling. it saves the earth. >> what about you? >> i like to recycle because it helps the earth. >> you have no doubt seen the show your soft side billboards around town with the tough guy showing they know how to be gentle with animals. we just got our hands on the latest celebrity to show he loves his pets. bad boys rocker tommy lee adding new four-letter word to his vocabulary, l-o-v-e. you can look for tommy lee on a billboard near you sharing some puppy love. he is also here in concert on july 20.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> and nice spring day, giving way to some clouds this evening. rain is not too far away. hd doppler shows the transitioning weather pattern as the clouds are now spreading over the eastern shore and up into southern pennsylvania. wet weather trying to develop around frostburg and deep creek lake could probably desperate calls that are mostly evaporated on the way down from the cloud base. wet weather slowly crowding in and there are some heavier showers in the ohio valley. it looks like the bulk of the rain will miss us to the south. we should get at least a few showers out of it, not have become a steady rains that appear to be heading farther south into virginia and the carolinas. it will at least bring us a chance for couple of showers. temperatures will be kept down a little bit. today was the fourth straight day where the temperatures averaged out below normal. the afternoon high was one
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degree above normal. it was cool enough in the morning so when you average it out, it comes up to 64 degrees. that is three below normal. maybe the pattern is changing a little bit from that mild winter to maybe more seasonable or if not cooler than normal spring and summer. the pollen count is going up again, 202 today, higher than yesterday's. 53 in cockeysville, 51 at the airport right now, but still 61 degrees in downtown baltimore. ocean city is 55 and temperatures holding in the upper 40's in western maryland where the clouds are thickening up. in the morning there could still be some showers around but the computer model is putting most of the rain down in virginia. just a few light showers are sprinkles for the morning rush- hour. cloudy skies, 45-52 degrees, son
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up at 6:14. there is the weather coming in across ohio -- sunup at 6:14. but pressure is developing on a sharp temperature contrasts. -- low pressure is developing. the boundary between the two air masses is the perfect spot for low pressure to develop. this one will be raising south and east of the clipper in the wintertime with those warmer temperatures, mostly pass into our south. heavy rain in southern maryland, the lower eastern shore and off the coast by tomorrow afternoon. then maybe a few scattered showers or even a thunderstorm tomorrow evening. friday looks like a sunny day, but here comes another storm system on saturday. this one could be even chillier with snow in amounts up to the north and west and some chilly rain around baltimore to start the weekend. 57 north of town tomorrow, almost 70 south of town. the farther south you go with that warm air, the chance of a
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thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. a small craft advisory is in effect on the day. in western maryland, a chance for a storm and 59, then sunny and breezy on friday. south of cambridge, down toward the lower eastern shore, the best chance of thunderstorms tomorrow is down around princess and before it clears up on friday. the seven-day forecast, dry weather returns for friday, then let conditions and chilly temperatures saturday. highs in the 50's. i think it will clear up in time to salvage the second half of the weekend. >> the orioles pitching staff pulls of something tonight we have not seen since last -- we have not seen since last september. sports is next. >> this is powerball. tonight you are jackpot is an estimated $172.70 million.
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are your next winter? let's get ready to play. 29-43-25-4-34. let's check out that powerball number. tonight that number is 29. once again, here are your winning powerball numbers for tonight. the glove from all o
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>> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the last time the orioles shut out a team, they beat toronto. but the -- both pitch tonight in the orioles were shut out since that went against toronto. tonight, 3-nothing win against toronto. hamel was dominant from the start. johnson was the first of seven strikeouts tonight, the biggest
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strike out for hamel came in the fourth. bases loaded, it is the top half of the inning. bottom of the fourth, cliff davis launched into left field and this run will carry about two rows deep. it gave the orioles a 2-0 lead. the bottom of 8, adam jones drives a double down the left- field line. the orioles shut out toronto, 3- 0, the first shutout of the year for the orioles. >> i could care less about strikeouts. what i am really concerned about is the strike was terrible tonight. bedsprings -- swings on an aggressive ballclub like this. -- good swings. the orioles win the past two nights, all the more impressive. johnson remains hospitalized
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with lou symptoms. the second baseman missed tonight. he joined his wife, who gave birth to a little girl tonight. the left fielder remains out of the lineup. the orioles had only given up one run in the last two games. the only thing more dramatic happen tonight between the capitals and the bruins. game 7 goes into sudden-death overtime. pick up the action in the third period. the capitals are scoreless but they strike first honor redirect. 1-0 capitals. in the second time it is going to squeeze past and it be all tied up at one apiece. on to overtime. the winner is the series, game 7 and overtime victory for the capitals. they advanced to around two of
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the stanley cup playoffs. the women's lacrosse team close down against johns hopkins. they did it without their head coach. head coach kelly burger did not attend tonight's game and school officials did not say why. the first of four goals for the night. hopkins on the attack in the second half. the blue jays a 3-2. lindsey talks comes up from the right side of the net. winning for the first time in 13 years, knocking off the blue jays 7-6. 32 players will join a millionaire's club as a first- round draft picks. today many of those draft picks will get a chance to see where the money will go. robert review the third visited the new york stock exchange. -- robert griffin iii.
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dextre amar night at radio city music hall, the atmosphere willm
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>> a couple of showers and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow. >> that is ais#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
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